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Preface - building upon Bitcoin's strengths

Decred builds on the strengths of Bitcoin, and improves on areas where Bitcoin is weak. Several members of the Decred team (then Conformal Systems, later Company 0; 2013 - 2016) were originally part of the Bitcoin development community and most notably built the 2nd most used Bitcoin node implementation: Btcsuite/btcd. More simply, the Decred team developed Bitcoin software which was and is still used to transact $BTC worth hundreds of millions of $USD.

Participating in Bitcoin blockchain development first-hand, they identified the weaknesses in Bitcoin protocol and decided to build Decred to address and improve upon Bitcoin.

In 2014, Bitcoin was 5 years old and still relatively under the radar. In Feb 2021, Decred's mainnet will turn 5 years old. Like Bitcoin in 2014, most people have yet to hear of Decred. Most people didn't understand Bitcoin then, or they simply didn't pay attention. We believe Decred is currently in a similar phase as early Bitcoin.

Decred is in the minority of projects that consistently delivers on promises, is built to last, and is positioned to take the main stage as a powerhouse in the cryptocurrency space.

Here is your opportunity to learn about Decred while it's still undiscovered by the mass market.

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Hybrid Consensus

Learn how Decred's 2-level consensus is up to 41x more secure than traditional Proof-of-Work blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Staking & Governance

Learn how you can stake $DCR, earn 8% per anum and vote in Decred's governance. Unlike Bitcoin, you can influence how the protocol will evolve.

What's next (future)

Explore exciting new things coming - Decentralized Exchange, Lightning network and unique privacy implementation Coinshuffle++.